CIA Officer Jeffrey Egan

Post Updated 3/1/2015
Source Sends – Jeffrey Egan was also stationed in Slovenia in 1999.

Post Updated 5/17/2014

Jeffrey Egan was the Chief of Station in Kiev up until August 2011 it seems.
The current CIA COS in Kiev is Raymond Mark Davidson.

Below is a photo of Jeffrey Egan.

CIA Officer Jeffrey Egan

CIA Officer Jeffrey Egan

















Source Sends
“A Ukrainian blog published the name of a CIA officer who is possibly the COS in Kiev, the blog was quickly taken down. A rough translation suggests that Egan may have been the COS since 2008.”

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Cryptocomb Note: This is possibly accurate, as another CIA Officer is mentioned in the story, Mark Buggy. Buggy was spotted in Istanbul, and was stationed in Istanbul during 2012.

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