CIA Officer Richard Polka

CIA Officer Richard D. Polka

COS in Warsaw, Poland

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Regarding Richard David Polka, details below (with attached images as well, couldn’t find his though):

1. Richard David Polka, 59, hails from Michigan City, Indiana (currently in Alexandria, Virginia):

2. Relative includes Jean P Polka:

Only one ‘friend’ “Eric Polka” listed:

3. Erin Polka’s FB profile:

Friends list:

Majored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of Colorado:

My inference: She is a daughter of Richard David Polka

Links to “Reilly George Polka”:

4. Reilly Polka has “Nancy Schneiter” in friends list:

Which confirms relation mentioned at:

One of Reilly’s pictures on FB has comments by Erin, which confirms their relation as well:

Twitter account:

Reilly George Polka —> Sister of Erin Polka —> both daughters of Richard David Polka

5. Paul Hacker, former head of US Consulate in Bratislava (Slovakia), wrote a book in 2011 named “Slovakia on the Road to Independence: Art and Ephemera in Revolutionary France”:

6. The book mentions Richard Polka as a Vice Consul at Bratislava:

Mentions in Pages 23, 120 and 239 attached as screenshots with red markings by self for attention.

rpolka1 rpolka2



























7. Amos Yoder wrote a book in 1993 titled, “Communism in Transition: The End of the Soviet Empires”:

It talks about Richard Polka. Unfortunately, ebook version not available, managed to find a small extract (relevant) in text in cache:

“In Czechoslovakia Richard Polka and Paul Hacker of the American consulate provided insights into developments in Slovakia and moves toward regional…”

8. By origin, Richard Polka seems to be a Slavic.

9. Address: 5826 Wessex Lane Alexandria, VA Find on map >> Owner: RICHARD DAVID POLKA Land value: $180,000. Building value: $355,670

10. Richard David Polka sold his house in Fairfax, Virginia to one “Esther Zambrana” in 2004 for $385,000:

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