The Gatekeeper

Below are just a very small sample of the NSA documents that several media outlets have obtained from Glenn Greenwald, herein after referred to as the “The Gatekeeper”.
The Gatekeeper decides what gets distributed and to what organization. Obviously, the most riveting documents are stashed in his back pocket for his upcoming book.

The Gatekeepers redaction’s (yes, he does have some control) naturally chafes against the reporting of the NSA’s global surveillance. The redaction’s only clarify that it’s the information elitists have the privilege to know everything. The argument that the redaction’s are put onto these documents to protect current operations, sources and methods and other bullshit excuses are a well worn shop rag. Who controls the digital sharpie?

Save us from the secrets

new prism slide nsa-malware-nrc-v1-620x464 page1-360px-Gchq-surveillance-the-documents.pdf top-secret-nsa-prism-slide-1 top-secret-nsa-prism-slide-9 wh7ipIEl.png sso-2ndparty-access