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German CIA Agent Arrested

Der Spiegel is reporting that a German national has been arrested for spying on the German committee investigating the NSA, for an American intelligence agency.

The German Bild Newspaper claims:
“believed he had passed over 218 scanned documents since 2012 after saving them on a USB memory stick, receiving 25,000 euros (34,000 dollars) in the course of three meetings in neighboring Austria.”

Der Spiegel report here translated

German Attorney General statement here of the arrest

Cryptocomb welcomes any further information.

The Gatekeeper

Below are just a very small sample of the NSA documents that several media outlets have obtained from Glenn Greenwald, herein after referred to as the “The Gatekeeper”.
The Gatekeeper decides what gets distributed and to what organization. Obviously, the most riveting documents are stashed in his back pocket for his upcoming book.

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