CIA Officer Jonathan Seth Greenhill

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Newxman reports that Ali Hatem Al Suleiman (picture attached “n1”), the leader of the Anbar Sunni tribes in Iraq, has hired a new lobbyist in Washington.

Ali Hatem Al Suleiman

Ali Hatem Al Suleiman


The lobbyist is a CIA and NCS officer by the name of Jonathan Seth Greenhill.

Greenhill’s detailed LinkedIn profile (also attached in pdf for record):

Facebook profile:

Son Alex Greenhill:

Daughter Caitlin (Cata) Greenhill:

Further links for details:

The new firm “Calex Partners LLC” is only 4 months old (bleh!):

One of his co-authored articles:

Was in Uruguary, apparently:

BA in Arts and Sciences as of 11 May 1976. “Jonathan Seth Greenhill, of Rye, N. Y.” is mentioned:

Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) filings:

Picture yet to be found \(>.>)/

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