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CIA Agent Vaughn Crawford

Vaughn Jack Crawford is a pilot and has been a CIA agent since 2002. He has been the lead pilot on many CIA rendition flights.

Below are a few CIA proprietaries that have provided a cover for Vaughn Crawford.
Altius Avaition
Coyne International Enterprises, Inc.

Photo welcomed.

Source Sends –
FAA recognizes Vaughn Jack Crawford

116 Robbins Ln
De Witt, NY 13214

116 Robbins Ln De Witt, NY 13214














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CIA Officer Robert Davenport

James Robert Kirkland was the alias that CIA Officer Robert Davenport used during the “Milan Job”. He is currently wanted for kidnapping by the Italian authorities and is also a suspect in a string of other kidnappings in Europe. Before joining the CIA Robert Davenport was an FBI agent for 25 years. Using information provided by the Italian authorities, Cryptocomb was able to confirm that Robert Davenport was a member of a CIA “Rendition Team”. He currently resides in Kentucky. Read more

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