CIA Officer Robert Davenport

James Robert Kirkland was the alias that CIA Officer Robert Davenport used during the “Milan Job”. He is currently wanted for kidnapping by the Italian authorities and is also a suspect in a string of other kidnappings in Europe. Before joining the CIA Robert Davenport was an FBI agent for 25 years. Using information provided by the Italian authorities, Cryptocomb was able to confirm that Robert Davenport was a member of a CIA “Rendition Team”. He currently resides in Kentucky.

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red bulletSource Sends – I assume you already have it, but for completeness:

Wife –

           Bob –
Bob retired in Bowling Green/Plano and owned a general store with his wife Tara:

Interestingly, their patrons picked up on his law enforcement-induced harder personality:
Yellowpages lists his mailing address as follows: Po Box 50333, Bowling Green, KY 42102

This address relates to a company called “Red Arrow Transport”. Not sure if it’s defunct now. The company carried the phone number of 270-392-4788 (
This number is still in use and was recently referenced in a for sale ad for a Freighliner RV. Sellers name was “Bob”.
The picture of the for-sale Freighliner (sic) appears to match the one posted on Tara Davenport’s Facebook page which references it’s recent sale. There are other pictures of it on her page.


Open source queries of the number also show postings referencing the number by a “Bob Davenport”. (

Bed and breakfast formerly run by Bob and wife located at 5263 Three Springs Road, Bowling Green, KY: (
Owner’s association application referencing Bob’s cell phone number. Contains an email address: which is the same used by his wife to logon to Facebook. 
Bob’s ebay account where he uses the user id: pcsdcs2 (
Perhaps Italy wishes to give Bob a call?

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