CIA Officer Phil Raveling

CIA Officer Phil Raveling

CIA Officer Phil Raveling

















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1. Philip C. “Phil” Raveling, LinkedIn:

2. From Pax Mondial:

Phil Raveling retired in 2014 after 25 years in the Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service. He served six overseas assignments at US Embassies and CIA posts in Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia, as well as in domestic assignments in the US. From 2009–2011, Phil led the US Intelligence Community’s inter-agency Financial Intelligence Organization that was the center of excellence in the US Government for financial and counter-threat finance intelligence operations. He has broad experience in all phases of intelligence leadership, operations, collection, and reporting, with special concentration on key transnational issues such as counterterrorism, war zones, counter-threat finance, counterintelligence, and European and Middle Eastern regional issues.

Phil served over two years – in 2004 and again in 2011- in Afghanistan as the senior intelligence officer in in RC-South, leading all phases of intelligence operations in a high risk war zone environment. He executed critical intelligence collection operations against high value terrorist and insurgent networks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In 2009, he served in Iraq, managing CIA operations in Al Anbar province. From 2012-2013, he also directed DoD intelligence collection operations across the Middle East and CENTCOM AOR, leading hundreds of officers in complex counterterrorist operations requiring extensive inter-agency coordination.

Phil Raveling holds a Master’s degree from American University and an Undergraduate degree from Texas Christian University. He speaks fluent French, Italian, and Turkish.


3. Facebook profile, username says “Phil Afghan” (heh):

Pictures attached and saved for record (OSINT). FB record mentions work at “US Department of State” (typical cover)

4. He tells a friend:

“I retired from the Gov in Feb and am out on my own, very liberating! Phil.

Phil Raveling
Raven Advisory


5. Wife –> Liz Steele Raveling:

6. Daughter Alexandra Raveling, profile says went to American School of Milan (class of 2010), possibly father must have been posted to Italy:

7. Son Christian Raveling, intern at Rand Construction Corp., lives in McLean VA, says he’s from “Paris, France”:

8. Dec 1998 issue of US State Dept magazine “State” mentions Philip C Raveling on pg 45 of 52 that Phil was transferred from Paris to European Affairs:

9. Property sale record:

10. Address: 2603 Faber Ct, Falls Church, VA 22046, (703) 942-8323

11 Phil’s profile says “fluent in Italian and French”, among others. This proves he was posted in Italy and then France.


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