CIA Officer Mary Peroutka

CIA Officer Mary Claire Peroutka

Recently PNG’d from Moscow, RussiaCIA Officer Mary Peroutka

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Here are some links that provide more information and different photos of Mary Claire Peroutka.
In 2015 she was ‘Best Lady’ at the marriage of her friend Mike Owens. The couple appear to have set up a webpage detailing the event and this includes photos of the bridal party. The mini-bio of “MaryClaire Peroutka” on the page you’ll go to by following this first link states she works for the State Department and the accompanying photo shows her in Red Square (this is about half-way down the page and it’s the middle of the trio of pics).
As mentioned in the bio from the wedding page, Ms Peroutka is an experienced extreme athlete.
Here are pages that show her in triathlon competition:
and here are two fundraising pages
(from 2009)
(from 2010)

CIA Officer Mary Peroutka

CIA Officer Ryan Leong

CIA Officer Ryan Courtney Leong

Current COS in Podgorica, Montenegro
Previous Stations
Taipei, Taiwan 2012 to 2014
Budapest, Hungary 2008 to 2012
Belgrade, Serbia 2004 to 2006
Sarajevo, Bosnia 2000 to 2001


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