CIA Officer Michael Raiole

Current CIA COS in Afghanistan – Michael Joseph Raiole

Previous Stations:
Bosnia 2006 – 2008
Tanzania 1991


Updated 6/11/2014
Report that Raiole was forced out of Afghanistan

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1. Michael Joseph Raiole was possible CoS in Sarajevo (Bosnia) before being put in Afghanistan. Shipping site notes he moved a Toyota Sequoia Chassis from Virginia to Place in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

2. A Bosnian lady, Emina Vatric, says she was babysitter for “family Raiole” (Cheryl and Mike (Michael)) in Bosnia & Herzegovina:

3. Michael Raiole’s daughter(?) is Cheryl Raiole (confirmed)

4. Michael and Cheryl Raiole were among donors for 2012-2013 Annual Fund of International School Brussels (Belgium):

5. Record of diplomats in Thailands dated 10 September 2010 shows Kelly A. Raiole-Karasiuk as attache in Bangkok. “A” in middle name probably stands for husband Adolfo Tarasiuk.

Record of Adolfo and Kelly Raiole Tarasiuk:

Kelly Raiole-Tarasiuk Facebook profile:

Mr. Adolfo TARASIUK, JR. 10 September 2010 Attache – Mrs. Kelly A. RAIOLE-TARASIUK

Kelly Raiole-Tarasiuk seems to be sister of Mike Raiole

6. US Department of State, Office of Information Services Publication revised September 1991 lists Michael J. Raiole as Economic/Commercial Officer in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

7. Rene Anthony Raiole:

Rene Anthony is former Lt. Rene Anthony from the Monroe Country Sheriff’s Department in Key West, Florida:



Rene Anthony Raiole is possibly father of Mike Raiole

Google Plus verified profile:

Links to G+ profiles of “Michael (Mike) Raiole” and “Al (Adolfo) Tarasiuk”:

8. Confirmed identity/relations of Michael Joseph Raiole (age 52 from Herndon, Virginia):

9. Daughter Cheryl Raiole studying in International School Brussels:

10. Catherine Raiole a.k.a. “Cheryl A Ching” (Herndon, Virginia):

11. Can Make Eyeball? –> 12117 Folkstone Drive, Herndon, VA Owner: MICHAEL J RAIOLE
Land value: $265,000
Building value: $237,960
Total value for property: $502,960

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Home is now listed for sale.

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