CIA Officer Peter Enzminger

CIA Officer Peter Robin Enzminger

COS – Djibouti  1995 to 1998
COS – Amman, Jordan 2006 to 2009
COS – Yemen 2013

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1. Peter Robin Enzminger, aged 52, lives in Bethesda (MD), Palo Alto (CA), Washington DC and

Relatives: Raja Enzminger, Delwin Enzminger, Long Nguyen, Connie Enzminger, Nancy Enzminger


2. Long Nguyen, Vietnamese origin American, lives in Anaheim, California, went to Junior Military Academy (class of 1967).


3. Related to Raja Benayed Enzminger (female), aged 56


Raja B Enzminger was transferred from Sanaa (Yemen) to Personnel by US State Dept, as mentioned in “Transfers”, pg. 44, State Magazine of US State Department, Issue January 1999:

Seems to be Tunisian, judging by his comment on a Tunisian website in French:

LinkedIn profile:

4. Lena Enzminger:

5. Came across this weird link:

It’s confirmed that Peter Enzminger was in Palo Alto High School class of 1979:

6. 5928 Avon Drive, Bethesda, MD 20814
Total land value: $435,280
Total value for property: $696,560
Total assessed value for property: $696,560
Base area of building: 1,320 square feet
Air conditioning: yes
Date of current assessment: 09/2006
Year property was built: 1958


7. Snapdragon Baking Company (San Jose, CA) mentions Raja Ben Ayed:

People who “liked” the status include “Nancy (Robin) Enzminger”:

New page is: Sweetdragon Baking Company:

8. Among friends of Nancy Robin Enzminger is Zak Enzminger, past profile mentions American Community School Abu Dhabi. This matches with profile of Raja Ben Ayed Enzminger whose LinkedIn profile mentions her as Admin Coordinator at Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

Zak Enzminger could be son of Raja Ben Ayed Enzminger (Tunisian-American)

9. A pic of Zak Enzminger has a “like” by one “Lena Enzy”:

Lena Enzy —> Lena Enzminger —> daughter of Raja Ben Ayed Enzminger: (irrelevant comment: I’m surprised to find a mutual friend with Lena on FB)

Zak Enzminger is undergrad at Brown University’s Joukowsky Institute for Archaelogy:

10. TimeOut Abu Dhabi has picture of Raja Enzminger:

11. Middle East International Film Festival (8-17 October 2009) mentions Raja Enzminger as Senior VIP and Juries Liaison (screenshot in attachment):

12. Went to Austria in 2010


Conclusion: Zak and Lena are children of Peter and Raja Enzminger. Raja Ben Ayed Enzminger is wife of Peter Robin Enzminger. Nancy Robin Enzminger is sister of Peter Robin Enzminger. Peter Robin Enzminger is an American citizen of Tunisian origin.


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