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CIA Officer Eric Little

Source Sends
I would like to bring your attention to the man, Eric Little. He claims to be a Second Secretary in Charge of Parliamentary Affairs in the U.S Embassy of Zimbabwe. He has according to major newspapers in Zimbabwe influenced many Government officials in Zimbabwe with special grant money that was supposed to go to Non Government Agencies. Instead the money was given to the Health Minister Dr Paul Chimedza. Dr Paul Chimedza is currently under investigation for receiving these funds from a foreign government official and not revealing it’s source. Eric Little is a CIA officer disguised as a politician.

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CIA Officer Eunjoo Kensinger Alam

Source sends to Cryptome. September 18, 2014
“Here are some photos that CIA spy Eunjoo Kensinger published on her Facebook page (before she made it private). I first met her in a library in Pembroke Pines in 1996 and later that same year at the CIA’s building at 1500 Westbranch Drive [Mclean, VA]. It seems that she has continued her career since being declared persona non grata by Russia for her espionage activities there. From there she has gone on to assignments at the US Embassy in Beijing and the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. And she’s found to time to get married and have kids too apparently. She’s now Eunjoo Kensinger Alam.

Eunjoo Anne Kensinger
DOB: January 2, 1971

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