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CIA Officer Eunjoo Kensinger Alam

Source sends to Cryptome. September 18, 2014
“Here are some photos that CIA spy Eunjoo Kensinger published on her Facebook page (before she made it private). I first met her in a library in Pembroke Pines in 1996 and later that same year at the CIA’s building at 1500 Westbranch Drive [Mclean, VA]. It seems that she has continued her career since being declared persona non grata by Russia for her espionage activities there. From there she has gone on to assignments at the US Embassy in Beijing and the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. And she’s found to time to get married and have kids too apparently. She’s now Eunjoo Kensinger Alam.

Eunjoo Anne Kensinger
DOB: January 2, 1971

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CIA Officer Ronald Czarnetsky

CIA Officer Ronald J Czarnetsky has been under diplomatic cover for most of his CIA career. His brother also spent some time as an Army intelligence analyst, frighteningly he is also an American legal counsel to the U.N. for the Vatican.

Along with Paul Zalucky, Ron Czarnetsky was tasked with establishing and running the CIA’s torture center in Poland in early 2003 til 2005. The site was codenamed, “Quartz”. More Details Here

Stationed in Poland – 1987
COS of Poland 2002 to 2005
COS of Moscow 2006 to 2007
COS of Yemen 2009 to 2013 (Diplomatic Cover as Political/Military Attache)
Czarnetsky posting











Excerpt From “The Warsaw Sparks
Ronald Czarnetsky






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